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It has little to do about domination, although at times it is an element. Do men really think of anal sex as the holy grail of bedroom activities? If you pay attention to pop culture, it certainly seems like it: Take that. It seems to me that each person is unique in their tastes.

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Man B: Later that night, yes. 40 of the best anal sex stories and observations revealed from a Reddit thread on what butt sex is really like. From men that have anal sex with their wives. So no, anal isn't demeaning to women as long as she's a willing participant and the intent is for both people to have fun and get off.

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Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Whatever your backdoor policy, men come a-knocking. Here's why. My sexuality is in question as well.

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I wanted him to stop the whole time, but I was too scared to say anything until he asked me. What is with the male fascination with heterosexual anal sex, anyway? Men seem to fantasize obsessively about it, hundreds of porn movies. Matt Send a private message.

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Man A: The girl I tried it with had told me that she enjoyed anal while we were engaged in other sexual activities. I was just told that the man I'm interested in likes anal sex. Is this common behavior for heterosexual males? I can't seem to find any information. It won't make your dick fall off!

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Anonymous I enjoy being dominated, but my kinkier fantasies revolve around me dominating my husband. Cosmo's sex expert gives tips on how to please your man anally. Your response is so sensually satisfying and spot on.

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I couldn't possibly imagine doing something to him that he didn't enjoy, even if he was submitting to it as a "gift". An uncensored look at what guys think about anal sex. Just keep it slick with lube and it will become not so tight, but still snug around his shaft.

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Anonymous Can someone answer? Fusing style and sustainability. We actually 'cleaned up' and continued towards orgasm via vaginal sex. Anal actually is quite common in the lesbian community.

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It's only some inexperienced guy's anecdote. In my early teenage years my friend and I experimented with anal sex and I loved it but my friend didnt enjoy receiving it at all. So I became his. If you see blood then stop but dont be scared, there are some blood vessels.

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There are no reasons why women shouldn't stimulate their male partners in their anus. What should I think if I've been dating a guy but have not slept with him yet, and he asked me if I've ever had anal sex? That means he wants it. Much like the denuding of private parts.


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