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Come in and chat away! You're going to do it. You're going to take your clothes off in this room full of other adult women because you are an adult woman too and there will be no more. Please type a name.

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Which makes sense, we're all ladies in there and have seen everything there is to see on ourselves Somehow though, there's always been one place where the naked etiquette policy has eluded me: the women's locker room. My confusion. I towel off naked and slip on my panties as soon as I am dry.

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I admit feeling jealous if I see a woman who has more beautiful breasts than I do amd I try not to stare. Farther into the women's locker room, far off by the shower, sat a second pile. I held my sweaty bra in my hands and considered my options. But, this woman, you see, she gave zero fucks.

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Or is it they think people would be offended to see that somehow? If a woman walked into the men's public bathroom or locker room All of this was a naked zone with people of all shapes, sizes and ages. And what do you know, some of the ones in other places were from growing fast too- getting things like hips because that's what women's bodies do.

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I don't know any natal woman who skips about the changing room naked. I was never shy about my naked breasts, even when I developed to a D If its an all lady's shower or changing room I just do whatever feels. Suggest new tags x.

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Dare Dorm - Sorority sisters break the new girl's innocence 3. I asked and was shown that one was connected to the locker room and the . A naked woman in the womens' locker room is not a big deal. It reminds me of when precocious boys say they want to be gynecologists.

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Accepting that my humiliation is almost over the dreaded question is asked "OMG are you turned on right now? I nodded, and headed towards the women's locker room. going to do, I noticed an older woman entering the shower area completely naked. I, meanwhile, was all too aware of what people thought.

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And I refuse to go near Locker No. Do you break your cover to let her walk out of there on comfortable wool padding and commit identity theft? But both the boy and the older woman were not showering.

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I just don't want to look at it naked for so long. Annie, that boy was too old to be in the women's locker room. My question is, was I out of line for showering in the nude in a public locker room?. This puts me over the edge.

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Toggle navigation. Breaking the Locker-Room Barrier for Women (with the help of a long notebook!) been in a men's locker room, it also was to be the first time a woman had ever been And with that, I turned around and walked into a room full of naked men. That required going into the locker room to interview the players after the game.