Aliens colonial marines matchmaking problems

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Originally posted by Ash Housewares :. Matchmaker is broken in Steam/Valve and we the players of Aliens want it fixed. Dedicated servers petition is allready out there. ///aliens-colonial-marines-we- That would be a really good thing if this crap (matchmaking) would be I agree please fix this issue. I'm no fanboy but the original AVP or 2 is way better than this.

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A low moment in what started as quiet a promising year, with low res textures, screen tear and some minor game halting glitches, Aliens Colonial Marines is not the game fans have been waiting for. Whats up with the multiplayer matchmaking lobby taking so long? Aliens vs. Predator I never had problems findings games either. Aliens: Colonial Marines. In the end Gearbox what were you thinking?

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But with the customization with guns, attachments and more can make the gun whatever you want so that's nice what Gearbox did. Alien_Survivor96 (Alien Survivor96) January 24, , am #1 Also I am all for Gearbox/Sega fixing the matchmaking of Multiplayer I personally have never had any issues finding a 5 on 5 game for TDM but if others do have trouble. It is unbelievable that people are rating this game a 9 or 10 it blows my mind don't listen to them im sure the majority of them pre-ordered, unfortunate they are making it worse for us all letting the industry get away with this crap, so shame on them.

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Read full review. Aliens colonial marines matchmaking does not extend straight, but rather on a slight angle, making him look far more toy-ish when it is visible. I have never been more disapointed in a video game in my life!

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Did not play the original v1. Aliens colonial marines matchmaking problems. Colonial Marines is tone-deaf to what makes the Alien franchise what it is-and what makes the best shooters so. Did IQs drop sharply over the past 5 years?

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Gearbox, why? Aliens: Colonial Marines guide at StrategyWiki Use ACM Overhaul to fix various issues with the game, AI, and balancing. . Matchmaking. If you are expecting a super polished million dollar budget title in the vein of Battlefield 3?

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I will be honest, I was turned off a bit by the reviews myself, so I cautiously gave this a test rent. Aliens: Colonial Marines. When you want to play xolonial the Internet and aliens colonial marines matchmaking problems "find the game", you. Ok,the bad point

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WindowsClient] section and change 1 to 0. You are going to be disappointed. I need to go back to the AI again here because it's so poor, so bad, you have no feel at all of suspense or terror.

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What Multiplayer Unlocks Are There? A Review about Aliens: Colonial Marines and its co-op game features. though combo co-op is not, and the game features built-in matchmaking as well. All of that said, Aliens: Colonial Marines was littered with technical problems. User Score.

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Anyway I'll give it 1 out of 10 which is 2 yes Read what our users had to say about Aliens: Colonial Marines for PC at The main problem of the game is the DUMB AI. So here's my final statement for anyone reading, its a decent game for Casual gamers a definite disappointment for faddish gamers and a great game for Alien fans.